Day 1: It’s My Own Damn Fault!

All right, people, we’re done with the first month of this new year already! Many of you made resolutions for yourselves as this new year approached – at least I hope you did! If not, you should have, because if you aren’t intentionally identifying things you need to work on in your lives each year, you aren’t becoming a better version of you!

Unfortunately, research indicates that the majority of people who did make resolutions have already failed to follow through on those resolutions. If you are one of the majority, then you are going to end up disappointed with yourself next December, because you won’t be where you wanted to be! Resolutions not acted on, leave a person in the same spot they were the day you made them. In fact, resolutions not acted on might leave a person farther behind where they were the day they made the resolution, because on that day, at least, they recognized the need to change in one area or another and were, for a moment, willing to commit to doing something to move their life in a positive direction. Not acting on resolutions is frustrating, depressing and self-defeating. So today, I personally want to challenge you to NOT go through another year where you didn’t meet your goals! I want to encourage you to stand up and look yourself in the mirror and say “enough with this mediocracy in my life! I’m NOT going to have another year pass where I DO NOT begin to live my best life!” If you are with me on this pledge people – say it to yourself right now. Heck, shout it out loud! Declare it to yourself: “I am NOT going to have another year pass by where I – DO – NOT – live my best life!”

For those of you who have seriously declared your intention to live your best life from now on truly – welcome to the “You’re Best Life Challenge!” For those of you who aren’t yet ready to make this commitment to yourselves, that’s really too bad, because you deserve so much more out of your life than you are achieving. There are great things you are here on this planet to do – and we can’t wait until you are ready to accomplish the amazing things you are here to achieve fully!

For those of you committed to moving forward into this 5-day challenge, here’s a question for you: why now, have you decided to change your life? It’s essential for you to know your WHY so you can sustain your efforts moving forward. I’d encourage you to write your WHY down in prominent places to remind yourself on the days you feel weak, on the days where it would be easier to quit on your resolutions. Remind yourself of your WHY and remember how important it is for you to finish what you start! Following through is the most crucial part of growth. Remember your WHY.

So why do people fail in their resolutions even though they know change is needed? Why have you failed? Why have we all failed? WE are the reason WE fail! No one else, no other outside factor is responsible for our failure but US! People who consistently fail at their resolutions and commitments to themselves and others use all kinds of excuses as to why they have failed. They blame their family, their friends, their employer, the economy, their politicians, the weather, and many other outside distractions as the reasons why they have failed their resolutions and themselves. Many people believe external factors dictate their life. Although I hate to be this blunt – that belief is ABSOLUTELY wrong! It’s bull crap! It’s time to cut out the bull, people. The fact is your life IS your own damn fault! Everything going on in your life right now is your fault. You are 100% responsible for your life – through the good and the bad, through victories and defeats.

– If you haven’t achieved your dreams…it’s your fault!

– If you are low on money…it’s your fault!

– If you got divorced…it’s your fault!

– If you didn’t get that raise or promotion at work…it’s your fault!

– If your relationships with your spouse or kids or co-workers or friends or neighbours suck…it’s your fault!

– If you are overweight…it’s your fault!

– Not where you want to be in your career…it’s your fault!

– Don’t have enough time…it’s your fault!

– Feel over scheduled…it’s your fault!

The fact is – whatever it is, everything you’ve allowed into your life is your fault. You are responsible for it all! You created it all.

Here’s a tip to consider – you create every outcome in 3 ways:

Way 1: By what you did.

Way 2: By what you didn’t do, even though you knew you should have and could have, done it.

Way 3: By how you respond to what happens to you, not everything is in your control. Events occur to you because sometimes life unexpectedly throws things at all of us that we could have never foreseen. It’s not what happens to us that, actually matters, but rather how we handle what happens to us that matters the most!

Today, on this first day of the “Your Best Life Challenge” I want all of us brave enough to take this challenge to honestly stop hiding behind the excuses of our lives and accept that the outcomes in our lives ARE our own damn fault! Accepting the fact that you are responsible for everything in your life is the first step at succeeding in the “Your Best Life Challenge.” I hope as you think through this first day of the challenge that you realize your choice + your actions = your life. You determine the life you want to live and the impact you want to make and the legacy you want to leave behind. So, stop deflecting the blame on to other things and people and accept the challenge of knowing that you, my friends, are 100% responsible for your life! Once you fully embrace this, you will be ready to move on to the second day of the “Your Best Life Challenge.”

I look forward to sharing day two of the challenge with you!


Tom Watson

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