7 Impactful Gifts You Can Give This Christmas For Free!

For many, the Christmas season can be a very stressful time of rushing around trying to find and afford the perfect gifts for family and friends. Here are seven gifts that are suitable for children of any age, and I guarantee they will beat the best holiday deals you can find in stores. The best part? These gifts are free and given in a good way they will far outlast any store-bought gift.

Find Beauty. Gather up your children and drive to a beautiful spot. It can be a provincial or state park, the ocean or someplace with natural beauty. They can bring anything they want except – cell phones. When you have reached your destination, tell your children in your own words that the most beautiful things in life are free and to never take them for granted. Pack a lunch or hot chocolate and snacks – ensure you are focused only on your loved ones – leave the rest of the world out of this gift – and have a memory making day together.

Tom Watson

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