4 Tips To A Happier Retirement

Whenever we ask our retired clients “what is the single most important thing to have for an incredible retirement?”, they always say good health.  Here are 4 tips to better health in retirement.

Tip #1

Live a healthy lifestyle and make sure you have strong social connections.

Tip #2

Educate yourself about Medicare including new preventative care and recent eligibility changes for therapy and home care. While you’re at it, estimate out-of-pocket healthcare expenses like insurance copays and Medicare premiums. Using a Medicare insurance specialist is probably the best way to handle this.

Tip #3

Make sure you discuss retirement and healthcare topics with your spouse and even other family members. If you are unable to communicate your healthcare wishes to your doctors, your spouse and other family members will need to know what your wishes are.

Tip #4

Create a contingency plan if you have unexpected health problems or healthcare expenses for you or your spouse. This might feel challenging, but once you’ve done this you’ll have greater peace of mind.

Following these four tips to a healthier retirement will move you one step closer to experiencing your version of an Incredible Retirement – doing what you want, when you want.

Brian Fricke


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